How to Choose The Right Food for Your Cat

Reading the Label isn’t just for Humans Anymore

Your cat is a beloved member of your family and you want to supply healthy, appealing

meals. However, the cat food industry has responded to the increased number of

homes with one or more cats as a reason to multiply the cat food formulas without

ensuring the quality. Recently a review of the cat food formulas found that although over

1700 different formulas from 100 different brands are on the market, only 152 formulas

of 36 brands are of high quality and recommended for your cat.


The primary issue considered in the review was quality ingredients. Numerous

interviews with veterinarians and cat owners, along with hundreds of hours spent

researching ingredients, resulted in four primary factors.


The First Ingredient

As with the food you select for the rest of your family, the first item listed on the label is

the one that weighs the most. Pure protein is vital to the health of carnivores like your

cat. Any formula that does not list a "whole protein" first was considered insufficient.

"Whole proteins" are specifically-named meat like chicken or salmon. These will retain

most of the original amino acids which are basic to the growth of the structural and

immune system. Over 505 cat food formulas were removed based on this factor alone.


Artificial or Controversial Ingredients

Chemically-based ingredients added for appearance or long shelf life were the next

issue. 311 formulas were disqualified for containing the following items.

  • Preservatives also dangerous for humans - BHA, BHT & Ethoxyquin have been found to cause cancer or tumors in laboratory animals.
  • Caramel Color – this artificial coloring does not contribute any nutritional value and some versions contain the carcinogenic chemical 4-Methylimidazole.
  • Sodium Nitrate – this chemical is viewed as controversial since when meats are cooked, they can form carcinogenic nitroso compounds.
  • Vitamin K3 – this water-soluble synthetic vitamin can damage liver function with prolonged consumption.


Questionable Ingredients

An additional number of ingredients are either unidentifiable or provide no benefits. Four

of the most notable concerns of this group that resulted in the removal of another 458

formulas are listed below.

  •  Ingredients also discouraged for humans – gluten, sugar and xanthan gum.These ingredients do not provide essential nutrients and can contribute toallergies, obesity, diabetes and diarrhea.
  •  Meat meal / meat byproduct – these "mystery meat" ingredients cannot be identified or evaluated.
  •  Rendered fat – another unknown ingredient, this item can also be made from diseased or disabled animals, or even roadkill.
  •  Garlic – garlic is considered controversial because it is linked to hemolytic anemia which causes red blood cells to burst.


Evaluation of the source of the ingredients resulted in the final 323 disqualifications.

Manufacturers from countries with lax food-quality laws or with significant recalls over

the past five years were eliminated. Similarly, any product for which the manufacturer

could not be clearly identified or which received high customer complaints was also



One of the best ways to keep your cat healthy and happy for many years is to ensure

their meals provide the essentials like whole proteins and natural preservatives like

vitamin C or vitamin E. Avoid undesirable ingredients like meat meal/byproduct,

rendered fat, sugar, thickening agents and chemicals. The first step is the simplest –

always read the label!


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Important Holiday Tips

Holiday outfit


4. Grapes and Raisins: 

Grapes and raisins contain a toxin that can cause kidney damage to both dogs and cats.  They usually don’t like them that much anyway, but beware of dropped grapes and raisins for those pets that double as vacuum in your kitchen.

5. Chocolate: 

Chocolate can actually be fatal to your dog or cat; so all those sweets must be kept well out of reach.

6. Food Wrappings: 

Aluminum foil, wax paper and other food wrappings can keep the flavor and smell of our tasty food to attract our food-driven pets for days, but can cause intestinal obstruction. Make sure to place these items securely in the garbage.

7. Garbage: 

Keep the garbage can tightly shut, especially when leaving your pets at home alone.  With all the tasty leftovers wafting their aromas it can be tempting, but dangerous for our furry friends.


Happy Thanksgiving from Paradise Pet Care!  We are happy to say that one of our busiest days of the year went off without a hitch as our team spent much of Turkey Day with our favorite furry friends in the San Diego sun.

Here are a few safety tips to make sure your pet stays happy and healthy during the holiday season:

1. Diet and Exercise:

Maintain your pet's regular meal and exercise schedule, avoiding the temptation to indulge them with too many tasty leftovers from the Thanksgiving feast.

2. No Turkey Bones: 

Poultry bones can be especially dangerous for pets as they can easily lacerate or obstruct your pet’s insides.  As much as they might think they want to chew every last bit of flavor off of the leftover turkey leg, save the bones for your turkey soup instead.

3. Onions:  

Onions and onion powder, common in our Thanksgiving stuffing and other dishes, can destroy your dog or cat's red blood cells, which can lead to anemia.  No onion-breath for your pets!


At Paradise Pet Car we are wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday season!

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Paradise Pet Care Grand Opening

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Paradise Pet Care is now open and proudly serving our furry friends in coastal San Diego.  Smiling dogs, purring cats, well-fed bunnies, chirping birds, and lounging lizards make us happy and feed our passion for happy animals.  With this mentality we go above and beyond the number 1s and number 2s of pet care and strive to bring happiness into the lives of all of our pets and the humans that own them.    From playful walks to bunny belly rubs we seek to find that special way to make our pets feel loved and happy while their owners are away.   

Combining the experience of professional dog walkers trained under the Camp Bow Wow franchise and an innovative new management belief that happy pets make happy people; Paradise Pet Care is the new name on the boardwalk.

We employ state of the art GPS check in and check out to give owners piece of mind and up to the minute confirmation that their pet was cared for.  With the latest software we are able to provide real time photo and text message updates instead of paper notes so that you know immediately your pet is happy with us while you are away on vacation instead of waiting to read about it when you get back.